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Halcyon Educational Technology's professional eLearning training programs benefit corporations, academia, and government institutions. Our faculty of experts help you master the knowledge, strategies, and technologies that will achieve your organization's training objectives. We offer professional eLearning training programs in 508 Compliance, Instructional Design, Media for eLearning, Effective Assessments, Social Media for eLearning, and more.

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  • Andrew Riesen
    Andrew Riesen June 21, 2012

    Very Interesting

    I often find my self having a hard time finding the motivation to keep trudging forward. It's interesting to consider that it's what inspires you that keeps you working hard. Inspiration is the root of all success and hard work. This video is great for people who are at a point in their life where motivation is hard to come across. Be inspired!

  • Sunny-Zhang
    Sunny-Zhang June 15, 2012

    Nice tips about health management

    Being productive every day is not easy. This course gives me some ideas about how to eat and rest. It is helpful to everyone who wants to keep healthy and energetic.

  • David Glow
    David Glow October 25, 2011

    Good foundation for Section 508 Compliance

    An awareness of Section 508 Compliance can help a business gain awareness of how to make their content accessible to persons with different disabilities. This course provides a good overview of the different options available to make your content work with assistive technology devices.

    It puts you in the shoes of different types of users by providing examples of how formatting choices can impact how a webpage is read by an assistive tech device. This helps you can better understand the user's perspective and make better design choices as it applies to Section 508 Compliance (technically, you can "comply" but the content would not communicate effectively to the user).

    The course not only provides examples of how Section 508 Compliant (and non-compliant) content is "read" by assistive technology, but also provides concrete coding tips and techniques to better design for Section 508 Compliance (don't fear, the code is very accessible with a very basic understanding of HTML). Also, a wealth of resources is available to support performance in making your content compliant.

    This is a VERY solid course to help introduce a team to (the often misunderstood) Section 508 Compliance, highlight it's importance and purpose, and to help the team realize that the techniques to develop content to effectively work with assistive technologies is very manageable with some basic coding skills and consideration of the users with these needs.