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About The High-Performance Hub

Antony Shave is the Founder of the High-Performance Hub and the creator and presenter on his Leadership and High-Performance Team building courses.

He is an expert in Leadership Development and High-Performance Team Building with 20 years experience working with thousands of managers in over 50 different international organisations as a facilitator and executive coach. He learned and practiced his leadership skills as an Officer in the Royal Marines in his twenties and as a strategy consultant at the management consulting company McKinsey & Company in his thirties.

His video training courses are used by all the managers and management teams that he works with in person. The ideas, skills, and tools that he presents in his courses are tested and proven to work. They are being used right now to develop leadership talent, build high-performance teams, and add value for organisations.

What makes his courses different?

Firstly, they make extensive use of high-quality and engaging videos to present and explain the content.

Secondly, Antony is a native (British) English speaker so his spoken English is very easy to understand.

Thirdly, his courses focus on only the most important ideas, skills, and tools that managers and their teams need to improve performance. And they've all been tested by real managers and real teams. They are practical and relevant.

If you have any questions about the content of his training courses, Antony is happy to answer your questions. Please contact him on

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