About Jolinda Osborne Intercultural Communications

Jolinda Osborne is the Founder and President of Intercultural Communication Services, Inc. Since 1988, her mission has been to help individuals communicate effectively in order to succeed in their professional and personal lives. Jolinda has coached and trained executives, managers, engineers, physicians, scientists, and marketers in Fortune 500 companies and in other corporate, educational, and government organizations.

Jolinda thrives on working with seasoned and new employees who are motivated to contribute their talents and expand their careers. She knows first-hand that when employees master American English, they gain confidence and respect, and they influence decisions and take on responsible roles in their organizations.

Clients respond to Jolinda’s teaching and coaching approach – comprehensive and relevant content combined with rigorous and encouraging support – so that they quickly integrate what they learn and put it to use at work.

In addition to Sound American, Jolinda has authored: Improve Your Spoken English and Pronunciation, as well as a series of books designed to teach American culture and expressions: Take the Bull by the Horns, Against All Odds, and Touch All the Bases.

Please visit: www.jolindaosborne.com, to learn more about Jolinda and her company, clients, products, and mission.