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The Inside Coach is a talent development company specializing in time-efficient practical programs to develop core competencies in the workplace. Develop a manager, team, employee or executive through one of our many result-oriented solutions.

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  • David Glow
    David Glow April 30, 2012

    Powerful, Simple, Effective

    I feel that job shadowing and mentoring are underutilized by most organizations, yet these are some of the most powerful and authentic training tools available. This course does a very nice job outlining how to identify opportunities for these training techniques, and offers tips to execute a job shadowing or mentoring program.

    The course begins with a video introduction by the author and then guides you through several modules where specific topics are broken down and explained clearly. Each module has a knowledge check as a form of gatekeeping, so you correct mis-understandings before advancing to the next module. There are good resources offered with the course.

    Navigation is generous and intuitive. Production quality is quite good. Crisp, clear audio. Good, clear, readable text and quality production of graphics and media. Care and thought went into this presentation.

    What I really like about the course is that it keeps it simple and very focused on the core things needed. I often find when Job Shadowing or Mentoring is explored, it is often prescribed in the wrong way or completely overthought and made more complex than necessary, impacting it's effectiveness. This course lays the steps out clearly and simply. For any organization considering the development of Job Shadowing or Mentoring programs, I highly recommend exploring this course.