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About Insight - Cards and Payments Training

Founded in 1999, Insight is a specialist cards and payments consultancy. We provide consultancy and training services to banks, schemes, processors, retailers and payment organisations across the globe.

Our headquarters are in the UK and we also have local market associate offices and representatives in Madrid, Singapore, Miami, Sydney and Auckland. All of our team have extensive experience in the cards industry, having worked at a payment scheme (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) and/or a cards division of a multi-national retail bank.

Our commitment to Consultancy and Training

We pride ourselves on providing consultancy and training services that make a real difference to our clients. We take care of the little details that matter and provide a personal service that our clients have come to expect from us as standard.

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Reviews of @Insight - Cards and Payments Training courses

  • Sunny-Zhang
    Sunny-Zhang June 20, 2012

    Going deeper on this topic

    This course dig deeper than "An Introduction to Cards and Payments Regulation, Part 1". It highlights how to apply the regulations to keep up with the new technologies. I like this course because it's very up-to-date and well-designed.

  • Sunny-Zhang
    Sunny-Zhang June 19, 2012

    Great course for young banking professionals

    This course did a good job add this topic a lot more fun. It focuses on card and payment regulations which are frequently used in daily operation. I really like the way this course organizes graphs, pictures, text and quizzes. It makes the hard knowledge easy to understand.

  • Sunny-Zhang
    Sunny-Zhang June 13, 2012

    Young financial professionals should check it out

    This course is great for young professionals because it covers basic knowledge of card payment process, fraud prevention and management. I like this this course for its nice design and content. It will be better if there are more case studies or examples.

  • Sunny-Zhang
    Sunny-Zhang June 13, 2012

    Well designed course with great content

    This course have them all: nice design, clear structure, up-to-date content, good case study. Card fraud is a big topic in finance, this course did a good job help me understand the brief history and development of credit card and how to prevent fraud.Most importantly, this course does not have heavy text like lots of finance courses do which makes learning easier and pleasant.