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About In The Line of Duty

In the Line of Duty is the only provider of reality-based video and online training for law enforcement. With nearly 400 video courses, Line of Duty programs cover virtually every aspect of police and law enforcement training and education.
The video courses are used nationwide by law enforcement for roll call, in-service and police academy training and education and criminal justice classes at the high school and college levels.
The video training programs range from short 60-second to 2:00 'reminders' to full-length 30:00-60:00+ minute video courses including tests, syllabuses and certificates of completion.
The video programs cover a wide array of law enforcement training including domestic violence, patrolling terror, crowd control, rapid response, natural disaster response, report writing, courtroom testimony, lethal force, traffic stops, and officer safety.
Yearly, LOD adds 15-20 new video training titles to its library.

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  • chris derco
    chris derco December 04, 2012

    Great Course

    Great course.....I learned a lot and it was very good at keeping my attention. Many things taught here will be useful for police and secuirty professionals. Also the opensesame customer service is stunningly helpful. Top Notch

  • chris derco
    chris derco December 04, 2012

    Very Informative

    Great course.....affordable and packs a lot of very useful knowledge into a short amount of time and does a good job of keeping your attention. I will be taking more courses by this author. Also the customer service is top notch.