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Mali Alcobi, CEO and Owner, Dynamix and the author of the Book - Heroes & Hormones From Screen Slave to SuperHero

Mali has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, having specialized in organizational psychology and human resources. In the course of her studies, Mali acquired knowledge exclusively available in Australia about flexibility and Work Life Balance.
As a graduate of the Coaching Academy, she serves as a business coach and has experience in both personal and group coaching of senior managers from various organizations towards the attainment of a balance between work and individuals’ private lives. She is a guest lecturer at the Ruppin Academic Center in the center’s undergraduate Manager’s Program. Formerly, she taught human resources management at the College of Management.
Mali has extensive knowledge and experience in company management, human resources management and organizational counselling, specializing in facilitating processes of change and human resources recruitment. She is a member of the High-Tech Managers Forum and serves as an expert adviser on WLB. In this capacity, she has facilitated the enactment of the forum’s compact among the co-signed organizations. Mali was certified by WorldatWork (a non-profit organization that promotes work-life balance solutions in the United States) as a co-instructor of the W1: Introduction to Work-Life Effectiveness course in Israel

Specialties: Generation Y, Gen Y, Gen Z, Work Life Balance, Effectivness

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