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KAZ Keyboard Typing

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  • James Dyson
    James Dyson April 23, 2014

    This is great! I took to it

    This is great! I took to it easily and I have not got bored with it. I have just got started on the speed builder section and I would recommend this training program to anyone.

  • Fiona Gordon
    Fiona Gordon January 27, 2014

    KAZ Keyboard A to Z

    This program works real well - better than I expected from the trial. I bought it for my daughter to help with her keyboarding and she's made real progress. I showed it her teacher and told her they should get it for the whole class. For 15 dollars this is real good value.

  • Cassini
    Cassini October 22, 2013

    Kaz keyboard A to Z - learn to type

    We have a small team producing reports and it seems obvious but nobody touch types. Now I've tried KAZ and it works, I expect that once the team has signed up to do the course, we will see a productivity increase of maybe 10%

  • Cassini
    Cassini October 14, 2013

    KAZ keyboard A to Z - learn to type

    About the best buy this century! I did not expect to learn how to touch type
    in 90 minutes but the claim is true. The basics are now there and it's
    onwards and upwards from here. I reckon it could save me a bunch of time in
    the day with fewer mistakes and faster speeds. I'd recommend it to anyone.