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About Kelly Meeker

Kelly Meeker is a professional communicator who uses social media to learn, connect with her peers and build community around shared interests. For two years, Kelly was OpenSesame's Community Manager, where she built a strong and active community around the OpenSesame elearning marketplace. You can find her blog posts in our archives and her still-excellent advice about getting started with social media right here. Kelly is the type of addict who checks Twitter before she gets out of bed in the morning, so you can trust her. Sadly, she left us in 2013 to join United States Congressman Jared Huffman in his Sonoma County Field Office.

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Reviews of @Kelly Meeker courses

  • D Smoot
    D Smoot July 23, 2015

    Very informative

    A great start to using twitter.

  • sedwards
    sedwards January 21, 2013

    Good Place to Start

    If you are new to Twitter this course is a great place to start. Short, to the point and clear.

  • fabion.stephens
    fabion.stephens February 16, 2012

    Excellent Course

    Even a regular user of twitter like myself learned something from watching this video. Very well explained and presented with clarity. Great job!

  • ajsupinski
    ajsupinski November 29, 2011

    Nice and consise

    A nice quick overview for twitter.

  • Bob Green
    Bob Green October 18, 2011


    Great overview. Makes me want to...tweet!

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