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KESDEE is the world’s largest financial e-Learning company. KESDEE’s off-the-shelf catalog consists of 750 accredited e-Learning courses on various topics in Banking, Finance, Accounting, Insurance and Risk Management. In addition, KESDEE offers eCoaches, the web-based tutorials for Certification Exams in Risk Management and Financial Analysis. KESDEE provides e-learning solutions for Knowledge Management and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) initiatives.
KESDEE’s e-Learning solutions are relevant for the providers of financial services, as well as for users, regulators, advisors and educators of financial services. These can be customized/localized and branded with Private Label Portal (incorporating your organization’s Logo, Color and Look & Feel). KESDEE's products serve both as a ready reference material and as an education tool that can be tailored to meet the organizations' needs in terms of content and technology.

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Information-dense courses for the banking and finance sectors

Kesdee has a breadth of courses around Banking, Finance, Accounting, Insurance, and Risk Management. The course objectives are clearly stated at the beginning of each course and the rest of the course follows the stated outline. The courses provide narrative style descriptions of complex concepts and add interesting and memorable facts to keep the learner engaged. Images are successfully used to aid the learner to build an understanding of complex processes. These courses will appeal especially to text-based learners as they are presented in full narrative style allowing the learner to opt-out of audio and simply read the course. The courses are information dense, offering a range of content for both new and experienced professionals in the finance sector. However, the courses could be improved by applying instructional design concepts and slide formatting in order to highlight key concepts to support the narrative script. Although the Java animations support the content, once the screen loaded, there is no way to replay the animation short of going back to the previous screen and advancing again. The non-standard navigation on the top bar conflicts with usability research that learners prefer navigation at the bottom or lower right. Finally, the large amount of content presented is only measured by a short quiz at the end of the course. Kesdee is clearly one of the leaders and demonstrates subject matter expertise in the Banking and Insurance industries. Their courses are comprehensive and informative. However, their instructional design approach and their lack of visual design are outdated. Simply visual treatments and a few more interactive elements would take their courses to the next level.

Reviews of @Kesdee courses

  • Sunny-Zhang
    Sunny-Zhang June 12, 2012

    Get basic ideas of backtesting VaR

    It is not easy to find training course for this topic. This course is very good for fresh man to get brief ideas about backtesting VaR. Since it is a hard topic, I need to really focus in order to truly understand the knowledge and pass the quizzes. It starts to become very difficult when you didn't really get the previous knowledge points.

  • Sunny-Zhang
    Sunny-Zhang June 12, 2012

    It helps you go through FRM exam

    This course is a great tool to help you through FRM exam. It includes the major topics of mortgage risk management. It will be a great course if it has more examples and case studies.

  • Sunny-Zhang
    Sunny-Zhang June 12, 2012

    Clear structure, good for exam preparation

    This course is good for FRM exam preparation. There are inline quizzes inside this course which will help you check how much you get the knowledge. It works the best if this course is used with books and case studies because this course mainly focus on basic understanding of principles.

  • Sunny-Zhang
    Sunny-Zhang June 12, 2012

    Many interactions, quizzes and examples

    This course is talking about a complex topic but it is presented in a simple way. As a person without many trading knowledge, I'm able to know basic idea in this field through examples and interactions in this course, such as long call and short call. The quizzes in this course are really helpful. They are not too difficult but truly cover the knowledge point.

  • Sunny-Zhang
    Sunny-Zhang June 12, 2012

    Simple and hit the point

    UCP600 training is not easy to find. This course series meets my expectation because it covers all the knowledge required in real practice. It also provides definition of some words and phrases which is frequently used in UCP. It will be better If there are more examples of common mistakes need to be avoid in UCP handling.

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