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About Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions

GO! Powered by Knightsbridge is a suite of management fundamentals courses, in English and in French, from the experts at Knightsbridge Learning. Knightsbridge Learning knows that "one size does not fit all" and we will work with you to identify and configure the right solutions to meet your needs. Knightsbridge Learning offers its award-winning learning in a variety of formats to give our clients options: Instructor-led Training on premises, vLearning, eLearning and mLearning.

Engage your employees immediately by choosing one of our GO! bundles here on OpenSesame. We can also help you set up either an enterprise-wide license (our SCORM packaged courses can reside on your LMS with unlimited access for a period of 12 months), volume-based discounts, or build out your existing content into a sustainable, eLearning format.

Knightsbridge is a North American human capital solutions firm that truly integrates the expertise of finding, developing, and optimizing an organization’s people to deliver more effective solutions and better performance. Knightsbridge was created from its inception to be different, by bringing together teams of specialists with a broader integrated perspective across recruitment, leadership development, career management, corporate learning, and workforce management. These specialists work as a team to accurately diagnose the underlying issues limiting organizational performance. Check out what’s trending at

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  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore August 18, 2015

    Very Informative and Practical

    This course provides a great guide for effective networking. It's not just about being a people person or meeting as many people as you can. This course provides a framework to help you understand your goals and how to effectively network to achieve those goals.