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  • Virtus Partners LLC
    Virtus Partners LLC July 21, 2016



  • Michael Menzel
    Michael Menzel April 14, 2016

    Jumping level of difficulty

    I am a german developer and knew Python before. Attended this Training to estimate the Quality of Trainings on OpenSesame.
    In General it is a good introduction, but I think it missed some conclusion pages at the end of each chapter, wher you can read the important things as long as you want. The quizes showed up with some question I was only able to answer with the help of Google...

  • Sheryl Botshon
    Sheryl Botshon April 08, 2016

    great video, comprehensive

    great video, comprehensive and engaging with extra added games.

  • Spencer Thornton
    Spencer Thornton March 29, 2016

    Formulas Help So Much

    I really like this course as it helped make me more efficient in my job. Very helpful information.

  • LearnSmart
    LearnSmart March 10, 2016

    Great course.

    Great course.

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