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About Litmos

Learning Heroes now Litmos were so sick of boring e-learning that they quit their jobs to start this company. They thought e-learning was outdated, over-priced and let’s face it – nobody likes it! They believed there was and still is a better way.

Litmos is more than just an LMS and a e-learning production company. We’re a group of people that are passionate about learning - inviting you to come on a journey with us.

We’re a collection of course authors, developers, qualified trainers, instructional designers, animators and customer service superheroes.

We create courses using the latest discoveries in accelerated learning to deliver the biggest impact to people's lives and careers.

140 Courses Offered

Reviews of @Litmos courses

  • DRussom
    DRussom November 28, 2016

    Nicely Done!

    You really did cut the 80% out! Appreciated the Covey and Allen tools!