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A performance partner, Maestro builds tools that help the world’s most advanced companies perform beautifully. These include custom mobile apps, training and development programs, desktop and online applications and strategic solutions for sales, marketing and business operations. Market leaders such as Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and Johnson & Johnson, for example, have chosen Maestro to differentiate their brands, add measurable value and drive business-changing results. Our company is proof that strategic smarts, as the guide for the right tools in the right hands, can yield beautiful, startling and highly effective results.

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  • Serena Hsi
    Serena Hsi September 02, 2015

    Balancing Exercise, Nutrition, and Sleep

    The videos embedded in the course video are interesting and give real world scenarios to coping with stress. The tips for relaxation and stress reduction are amusingly simple, such as "every day, find 15 minutes of peace and quiet". Good animations paired with narration for each concept covered in this module.

  • Rowell Belza
    Rowell Belza March 26, 2015


    content of the training materials is good and the pacing of the course is not long.

  • March 10, 2014

    First Aid

    Good course, presented well, would recommend.