About MeLearning

Me Learning is a UK based specialist provider of courses for people who either work in or are involved with Health and Social Care. The UK is widely regarded as having an excellent Health and Social Care system that ensures children, young people, and vulnerable adults receive some of the best support and care in the world. Me Learning courses provide an excellent opportunity for you to learn about these world-leading social care best practices and will help you better understand how to recognise and handle issues typically experienced by vulnerable children and adults.

All of the courses are relevant to non UK citizens as they deal with human emotion rather than Government or local legislation. They are designed to help you understand behaviour, spot signs of the different types of abuse that exist and how understand how to deal to deal with these issues. They are appropriate for anyone who comes into regular contact with children. This can include faith group leaders, out of school activity clubs, sports coaches, teachers, healthcare workers, police and law enforcement officers, child carers and parents themselves.

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