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I am Sabir Ali, the founder of ML Learning. Since 2012, I have extensively been involved in Training and Development sector in numerous capacities. With time and advancements in technology, I found e-learning is the best possible option to overcome the traditional learning and development cultures in organizations, businesses and in Institutions.

After doing Bachelors in Education, I totally fell in Love with Teaching, training and Learning development. Even after 5 Years of our relation, I always feel like just yesterday it all started between us; and that's my real Inspiration!

Truly Speaking, I always want to bring that AHA moment for my learners when I teach. Which is why, I took e-learning as my torch to explore the marvels of Learning and Development. I believe training/ teaching isn't all about making your students memorize the factual knowledge; instead I have a strong faith in inquiry and research through which individuals and groups explore the powers of Universe. Well, enough for Today's philosophy class I guess!!! Let's come to the point.

Some of my Expertise includes:

Training Design, E-Learning, Course & curriculum Development, Articulate Storyline, Presentations, Project Management, Gap/Need Analysis, Web Designing

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