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Orion Learning is a global provider of learning & development products which include competency based courses and internationally accredited certification programs. We believe in delivering solid training through the medium of digital learning. We believe in having fun while learning but content, interactivity and solid assessments is what drives change.

Our competency based course products provide the student with solid content and meaningful interactivity to improve workplace behaviors, job skills, aptitude, attitude and engagement. We offer a wide range of courses across 14 different topics all geared to provide you with the foundation of proper job skills training. You, as the employer, are then able to add to learning foundation by adding your own product and service training - without any interference.

Our internationally accredited and acclaimed customer service certification programs are the only ISO competency based customer service certification programs in the world. The curricula for our customer service certification programs is taken from the national occupational standards for customer service from Canada, United Kingdom and the United States. This ensures that our certifications provide an international level of learning & development plus are following strict international standards and result in an professional international personal designation for the certification candidate!

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