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PowerSplash Project was founded in 2007 by talented consultants and filmmakers with a mission to create a library of awareness projects for employees, managers, trainers and students. Every project is filled with business secrets, solutions, and formulas that will transform any organization. Their work is known for its compassion, swift pace, and realism.

"We want a viewer with a problem to know they are not alone and can change. We want a viewer without a problem to become aware and compassionate for the viewer with the problem. Knowing time is scarce and attention spans are short, we design innovative, transformational training solutions in small increments. All of our courses are rich in diversity and promote motivation and positive discussion (for students, temporary hires, and seasoned professionals)."

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  • Charles Paris
    Charles Paris July 26, 2017

    Entertaining & instructive for all ages.

    This absorbing course shows how critical thinking, common sense, and common courtesy are the three most critical components in every thing we do. It cleverly and in a very entertaining way shows how good decisions and behavior are greatly rewarded in life. Enjoyable quizzes, funny jokes, excellent narration, and arresting visuals make for a jam packed three hours.

  • Charles Paris
    Charles Paris September 18, 2016

    Very timely and highly motivational

    Provides an impressive list of accomplishments of those who serve in the military and presents a cogent case for employers to mentor veterans. Best of all, there is a list of Resource links.

  • Charles Paris
    Charles Paris August 27, 2016

    Perfect for Managers & Employees alike

    This course should be among the first shown to new hires as it explores anger, its benefits and its negatives. Brilliant concept to explore emotions during an orientation. It greatly benefits the employer as well as the employee. Everyone will understand themselves and others with more clarity.

  • Charles Paris
    Charles Paris August 27, 2016

    Perfect for all Employees

    Highest marks for showing how organizing thoughts and actions begin at home. Incredible amount of information presented in an entertaining, logical manner. This is the course all employees must take now.

  • Charles Paris
    Charles Paris August 27, 2016

    Perfect for all viewers

    Though it is an important subject, I thought for sure the course would be boring. To my surprise, it was filled with great information and moved quickly. Highly recommend.

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