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  • Ramtin Rahmani
    Ramtin Rahmani June 15, 2012

    Very Thorough Course

    Great, thorough course meant for a team of experienced professionals. The course goes beyond topics a book might cover, and in the 3.5 hours, delves deep into project management related issues. The ability to take it as part of the PrimeProject Management Professional curriculum is very useful, because a curriculum is set up for the buyer.

  • Ramtin Rahmani
    Ramtin Rahmani June 14, 2012

    Valuable Course

    This course is a valuable tool for all project managers, whether the employees have years of experience with or have just begun managing projects.
    Moving through the course, I was given three options: "defining project activities," "project network diagram," "and steps in creating a Gantt chart." All the sub-course sections include conversations between people in audio files, mock situations, and clear objectives listed between every sub section.
    This is a great course, with an outdated software. Regardless, there is good information in this course.