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Prositions is a premier provider of learning content from industry-leading authors and experts.
Our library is available in flexible delivery formats and contains 1,500+ eLearning courses,
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Learning Technology
Flexibility is at the forefront of our content approach. Each of the products listed above (in
addition to your own content) can be delivered through one of our technology solutions (or your

For users who want lightning-fast access to their learning materials, DashTrain is the solution.
This performance support engine and mobile application lets users search for short micro-
videos that they need to reference in real-time. It also allows users to listen to offline-audio.

ProLMS Lite
The Lite version of our ProLMS gives users the core functions of a Learning Management
System (LMS), without the extra weight and cost of a traditional system. Accessing SCORM
courses and streaming video has never been more affordable.

The standard version of ProLMS includes all the functionality you would expect from a Learning
Management System (LMS). It features a classroom scheduler that can help organizations
create a blended learning environment by incorporating digital and classroom learning.

ProLMS Enhanced
The Enhanced ProLMS has all of the features of the ProLMS, in addition to an integration with
the award-winning mentoring software, MentorString. Facilitate and automate a mentoring
program within your Learning Management System (LMS) to conduct mentoring relationships
and track digital learning.

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Reviews of @Prositions courses

  • Sunny-Zhang
    Sunny-Zhang June 04, 2012

    Basic harassment course for employees

    This course include basic laws which employees need to know about workplace harassment. It includes several scenarios which are all common situation in the workplace. I like the "Scenario-Quiz-Explanation" mode which help me to fully understand the regulations and company policies.

  • Sunny-Zhang
    Sunny-Zhang June 04, 2012

    Standard workplace harassment course with scenarios

    This is a standard workplace harassment course for supervisors. The scenarios helped me understand the regulations and company policies surrounding workplace harassment. Each of the quizzes are followed by scenarios which helped me pay more attention. This course is very detailed and I spent several hours working on it. Overall it's a good course with rich content.

  • Sunny-Zhang
    Sunny-Zhang June 04, 2012

    Insightful course help supervisors handle complex situation

    In real life, lots of workplace harassment cases are hard to deal with. Even for those supvisors who took training courses before, they still need more training on more specific and complex situation such as dating in the workplace, harassment involve third-party people, harassment situation with no complaints,etc. This course takes about 4 hours to complete both courses and quizzes. It's long, detail oriented but really worth taking the effort.