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QMR has been producing award winning video-based training content since 1992. Known as "The Respectful Workplace Company", QMR's courses focus on helping foster productive, respectful relationships at work. Topics range from mentoring, coaching and leadership skills to diversity, harassment prevention and making better ethical decisions. With over 50 courses available, QMR's range is broad. Over 15,000 organizations in 15 countries have chosen QMR's entertaining video-based programs to train their employees, managers and leaders.

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  • Micaela Deitch
    Micaela Deitch June 18, 2012

    Great interviews

    I really liked the style of this course. It used examples of common ADA mishaps and featured a discussion by ADA compliance professionals. Comprehensive and engaging!

  • Micaela Deitch
    Micaela Deitch June 11, 2012

    Good training course

    Sure, you can tell this training course was made in the late 80s/early 90s, but the examples and interviews they use are still very relevant. This training course does a good job of balancing information about harassment with advice for managers dealing with complaints. I'd recommend this course to anyone looking to help their workplace's compliance with harassment laws.

  • Sunny-Zhang
    Sunny-Zhang June 07, 2012

    Documentary style training course

    It's always a good thing to be creative. This course is like a documentary. Starting from host's introduction, "victims" telling their stories and experts explain what to do when things happen. This course is easy to understand and helpful.

  • David Glow
    David Glow April 30, 2012

    Good video content, too passive for training

    This course is a video from QMR followed by an assessment. The video presents some very solid workplace scenarios that require coaching and feedback interventions. It offers 3 responses "A", "B" and "C" to each scenario. A and B are always the "common approaches you probably recognize, but are wrong. The "C" response is always correct. Each of the correct and incorrect responses are very realistic and are explained exactly what makes it work, or not, as explained by a panel of experts. The advice in these explanations are excellent.

    And, I want to re-iterate, the samples are excellent. One was a manager trying to raise the uncomfortable issue that an employee had an offensive body odor. Obviously, a manager would want to address this to help their employee interact more effectively with their peers and clients, but it certainly requires the right approach. The video illustrates how to handle such matters appropriately.

    My challenge with the training is that despite having some great content, it is packaged in a manner that takes away from it's quality.

    First, the video vignettes and characters do look a bit dated (looks a bit like a converted VHS tape), but that can be overlooked per the quality of content.

    Navigation is a simple playhead- you are able to mouse to a specific timestamp in the video, but there is no way to jump to "scenario 1" or "scenario 1- response example C". Although with some hunting I could get to any spot I wanted, a more intuitive navigation could serve this course well.

    My biggest challenge is that it is too passive and formulatic. After the second scenario, it was clear that A and B would be incorrect responses. I might conclude as a learner, "let the first two pitches go by like Casey at Bat", because the good example and real learning is response C.

    Also, there are no resources to extract key lessons (i.e. guided note taking) or prompts to stop and reflect. I've seen videos prompt for a "stop and discuss with your team why response A may not be the most effective coaching method", or "pause and think of how you might improve upon response B to give more effective feedback to George". This could have been added in (either for group discussion or individual reflection).

    It's too bad, because this video broken up would make a pretty awesome interactive video assessment. View scenario, and see possible responses A, B, C (of course, you'd shuffle which position the best response was in so you wouldn't always select C). Upon selecting, you get the feedback from the expert panel to improve your performance. All the content is there to make this a very engaging and interactive course, delivering information in more digestible informational bites, tailored based on user applied decisions.

    It really has great examples and explanations- all the right components; it just seems it needs something more to make it a very good development resource.

  • Kelly Meeker
    Kelly Meeker January 03, 2012

    Excellent examples & great stories

    An interview with an Enron executive talking about corporate ethics really gets your attention! QMR’s scenario-based story-telling technique brings concepts to life, demonstrating, for example, why strong core values make your organization more successful. This course was interesting and kept my attention throughout. Great course for communicating a simple decision-making structure in ethically difficult situations.