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Tandem Learning strives to understand each learner's unique learning needs, interests and aspirations. Our respect for learner experience, together with our passion for quality immersive learning and serious games, allows us to deliver the maximum benefit to the people who matter most — our clients. Our purpose is to help you build learning that will inspire your organization.

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  • Cheryl Graham
    Cheryl Graham September 15, 2011



  • David Glow
    David Glow August 25, 2011

    Serious Game for Serious Learning

    Yes, it's a game, it's fun, and has great interactivity and graphics.

    But more importantly, it's realistic.

    It may seem strange to describe a game as realistic when it features avatars, spaceship travel, and a talking robot host. But this description realistic fits.

    In the game, you observe and evaluate team members in change situations. What struck me is how insightful the scenarios are. They are very intelligently constructed. Although put in a context of space travel (which just adds to the coolness factor), the character development, scenarios and language used strongly resonated with me. These were almost the exact discussions I have experienced from team members during times of change (just with more spandex suits and references to phasers). The game does a very good job in capturing change situations and responses that mirror issues experienced in the real world.

    The game is fun, and varies gameplay (I started over a few times and got different scenarios).

    Engaging, fun, and very good visuals are features you expect from a professionally designed game. But, I wasn't expecting a space-themed game to be so on-point with situations and team member reactions. I could immediately relate these to my own work experiences. Despite all the cool factors, it was this element of the design that drove the most value for me.

    And, yes, I had to take one round of the game to intentionally fail all scenarios just to see if it would crash the ship ;)

  • OpenSesame Says
    OpenSesame Says August 03, 2011

    Space age learning

    Go on an intergalactic voyage in this business training course. Engrossing is an understatement for this highly developed elearning game that outlines all the different types of change and how to best ready oneself for any situation. Knowledge is certain to stick when the course is this much fun.