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About us

General Awareness Compliance Training designed by safety folks; Short and to the Point...Designed to "GIT'er done" for employees to get back to work! Used by many firms for ISNetworld and Operator Requirements.

In the 1970's, our founder was crippled in a mining accident. His job training for the job consisted of 45 minutes of instructions on how to drive a TEREX rock truck fully loaded up and down a mountain. The training was inadequate and he is paying the consequences for the rest of his life. He understands that an injured employee and his employer are not the only ones affected by an incident. Entire families are affected, many times for generations. That's why we are in this business, to make training available (and affordable) for anyone to assist in preventing injuries at work or home.

Our vision

It's simple, when it comes to safety, we want everyone to be trained; No Excuses, No Bull. We focus our efforts in creating effective affordable and accessible solutions so that everyone can be trained, minimizing the cost, the resources needed, and train 24/7, anytime and place.

Our experience - Field Based

Consolidated Digital Publishing Inc. (CDP's) team - for 25+ years has served as a field based full service production, course development and content provider for your QHSE Classroom, CBT and Internet-based training to firms worldwide.

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  • SafeWorkday SafetyPoints
    SafeWorkday SafetyPoints January 07, 2017

    Very efficent training...employees back on line quickly .

    Great training at a good price for our budget. Short and to the point - trainees like this . More productivity for trainee and company.