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About SalesBasix

SalesBasix was created with both corporate and personal e-learning sales training users in mind. Whether you are in charge of a large sales force - or you are the sales force - SalesBasix has a selection of online training offerings that can help with your business development initiatives.

We’ve assembled the best, brightest and most accomplished professionals in their respective areas of expertise to provide you the necessary knowledge to sell, market, communicate and network your company to the world. Our team is comprised of professionals that have worked in Fortune as well as smaller privately held firms, successfully launched and grown their own companies, and achieved tremendous success rates in increasing clients’ sales.

Our 4-Part Strategy
There are four main components to any business development program:

- Selling
- Marketing (including advertising)
- Public relations
- Social media

These four components, when properly designed, perfectly aligned and relentlessly executed, yield tremendous sales and profit results!

Another unique attribute of SalesBasix – aside from our success rate and the fact that our staff offers practical industry experience – is our flexible menu of product offerings. In addition to the already developed turnkey e-learning sales and marketing trainings detailed throughout our site, we offer customized programs and reinforcement or coaching services after the training.

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  • Ramtin Rahmani
    Ramtin Rahmani June 18, 2012

    Very Useful Course

    This course is very effective at conveying crucial information a sales marketer would require, before making a sales pitch. I enjoyed the short length of the sections, because the graphics entered and exited quickly, without affecting my learning. The course went into enough detail about learning styles for me to understand how to market a presentation, without delving too deep into the matter.