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About Skill Pill

Specializing in personal effectiveness, management, and leadership micro-learning, Skill Pill offers up to 1000 separate learning objects – videos, quizzes, text nuggets, audio-casts, and infographics. All of our content is sourced from Pearson Education and John Wiley business best sellers.
Each course is responsive; after watching the video, learners will be encouraged to take a quiz, which will unlock targeted text nuggets and audio-casts based on their performance in the quiz.

At a Glance…

• Independent research has shown that Skill Pill content can double the level of learner retention over traditional long-form learning.
• Top quality content sourced from international business bestsellers, with actionable exercises and business critical insights
• Gamified elements to embed the training and responsive courses to extend a learner’s journey based on their performance
• Delivering learning to 1 million learners in 120 countries
• Available in 10 different languages

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Reviews of @Skill Pill courses

  • August 01, 2017

    Concise and interesting

    This course sticks to the main 4 points and shows interesting animated scenarios as the narrator describes each point. Content is easy to remember for take away and application.