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SONIC Performance Support is a provider of web-based video learning solutions. In addition to its video library featuring more than 100+ IT courses, SONIC also offers its customers a modern, web-based platform with the Instant Learning Server that makes video learning bursts available online through a sophisticated search capability. Established in Hamburg, Germany in 2006, SONIC employs a team of more than 30 at its offices in Hamburg, Germany and Philadelphia, PA (USA).

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  • Maggie
    Maggie October 14, 2015

    Helpful and easy to follow!

    This course is engaging and easy to follow. It provides both context on when and why you'd use pivot tables, as well as the step by step instruction. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking to step up their excel game!

  • Fcorsaro
    Fcorsaro December 08, 2011

    Good beginner Excel Course

    Simulations were great, instructor was clear and specific. Anyone wanting to learn excel this is great course. I would shorten the length a little and try to have more hands on exercise. Overall well put together and instructionally sound course

  • David Glow
    David Glow November 30, 2011

    Excellent Advanced Skills Course for Excel 2010

    I have reviewed the series of Excel 2010 courses from Sonic. All are excellent. Approachable video demonstrations with an initial intro narrative followed by a demonstration of skills using Excel. As with all the Sonic course, the only thing keeping this "A" and "A+" is the lack of worksheet provided for users to follow the demos.

    However, in the case of this course, it is a bit less of an issue. The scale of worksheet required to perform tasks are much less significant than the Level 2 course, and something you are probably able to build in a short time period.

    There are some extremely powerful concepts demonstrated in this course. Some, such as importing and exporting data (CSV, tab-delimited, text files...) are items I was aware of and use extensively. Once you see the power of these capabilities to transfer information between systems, it is hard to not use their potential.

    However, there was a whole world of capability that this course opened my eyes to. First, are the controls that you can put on an Excel file, changing your role to a de-facto "Excel Administrator". These are excellent skills to develop if you need teams to work collaboratively on worksheets while maintaining some checks and balances. Options such as revision archiving, and cell or sheet lockdowns can really empower your team to work confidently in a shared environment because you are able to put in appropriate controls. Additionally, this course covers several options on how your sheet can be stored for team sharing (i.e. Sharepoint) or deployment (publishing to a Webpage or XML).

    The most eye-opening and powerful aspects of this course for me were learning about "What If" scenarios and analysis and auditing. The power of being able to perform internal audits on your worksheet cannot be underestimated. Additionally, the analysis tools to be able to do "What If" analysis are amazing. The course uses a good example of different levels of sales with crosschecks on limitations of production using multiple criteria. I am certain this is a tool that most businesses can use, and skills that can be applied to other interdependent processes within your organization.

    A whole new world of possibility was opened to me through these SONIC courses. If you are hovering at the beginner level in Excel, I cannot more highly recommend these courses to truly understand the potential of the program.

  • David Glow
    David Glow November 27, 2011

    Superb course for moving to filters, charts, pivot tables

    It is very hard to find an Excel course that teaches some of the more powerful aspects of the program like filters, charts, and pivot tables that works.

    This course provides very practical and applicable skills in more advanced Excel skills in one of the most approachable and easy-to-follow presentations I have seen. Each task is broken down into a set of demonstration videos. First, the narrator introduces the topic to provide context, then the task is demonstrated using Excel with very good commentary to provide guidance and tips.

    I would give this course a solid "A", and the only things holding it back from an "A+" would be:

    • There is no file offered for the practice. The demonstration encourages you to attempt the same skills using Excel for your own work, but the fact of finding a use case that would be applicable may prove difficult for some users. If they had provided their Excel file for practice (which is several thousand fields of data), it would give the users a use case for applicable practice.
    • There are no take-aways. This is my "thing"- especially with tech training. It is fine to provide a step-by-step training resource (simulation, video, instructor-led course), but to impact performance, a take-away resource or job-aid designed to support application in the field will drastically improve the transfer of skills to the application domain. It would have been so simple to include this with such a good training resource

    Despite these two issues, the course is excellent. As a user who stopped really learning and applying Excel skills with basic tables and formulas, this course really unveils a whole new level of Excel functionality to turn it into a powerful tool. The training does this in a user-friendly manner that can truly help basic users upgrade their Excel skills in a significant manner.

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