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SPOCE Project Management Ltd is an accredited training and consulting organisation specialising in Project, Programme and Risk Management Best Practice Methods such as PRINCE2 Project Management, MSP Programme Management, M_o_R Risk Management, ITIL Service Management, Agile DSDM Atern, APM, APMP, Mov, MoP, P3O etc.

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  • David Glow
    David Glow August 24, 2011

    Superb Introduction to PRINCE2 Course

    I previously worked for a division of a leading University that created private-label project management content compliant with Project Management Institute (PMI) standards. Having customized many project management courses for clients, I am intimate with key elements that must go into an introduction course for a project management standard/model.

    The content and presentation for this course on PRINCE2 is excellent. It provides both a good amount of breadth and depth of content matter so learners understand the scope and complexity of the model and further learning opportunities, but the information is exposed in layers, nicely chunked, and made engaging and enjoyable to make the content approachable.

    The design is superb. The bulk of the content is an animated presentation with rich with graphics, accompanied by a video host leading you through the model just off to the side. The user is given complete control to navigate content, adjust volume, toggle closed captioning on/off, and access progress indicators (for the current module, or the entire course). Each screen is printable, and doesn't just print the presentation screen, but the video host's spoken narration.

    A wealth of course resources are included, such as PDF documents, a glossary, and interactive Process Model presentation, and a really engaging PRINCE2 interactive Mind Map. The coolness factors of the interactive elements make exploring something the complex model quite fun, and as a result, it seems easier to learn.

    Modules end with a foundations exam. The exam enables the learner to configure the test to select a number of questions and whether feedback for each question is given as each question is answered, or in a simulation mode which delays all feedback until the end of the test. As someone with a passion for assessment, I appreciated the level of control given to users about how they are tested. I also appreciated the type of feedback that was given. Feedback indicated for each question whether the provided answer was correct or incorrect, but instead of indicating the correct answer, it guided to the specific section for restudy. At the end of the exam, the feedback clearly indicated pass threshold, and noted all sections that needed to be restudied (even if the learner's score exceeded pass threshold). This guides learners to learn the content versus providing learners answers they can plug in on a second attempt (bravo!). The course also provided a very in-depth practitioner exam that had multiple dimensions of information offered to mirror workplace considerations in a very unique and engaging interface.

    The course is one of the best online project management courses I have seen (I've developed several, and reviewed many from leading industry vendors). It offers great content with superb guidance and engaging interaction. It complements the core content with rich resources and well-designed assessments.

  • OpenSesame Says
    OpenSesame Says July 12, 2011

    Manage like never before with PRINCE2

    This online management course moves at a good pace through all of the information necessary to understanding the PRINCE2 Project Management System. Interesting graphics and informative digital teachers help this elearning course make better project managers out of all students.