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About International Training and Development

Since 1992, cutting-edge companies as well as training and diversity consulting firms have relied upon our design and facilitation expertise to bring creative, customized training solutions to their business and learning needs in the areas of:

• Diversity / Inclusion
• Cultural Competence
• Inclusive Communication™
• Service Success in a Diverse World

Through targeted, interactive training and diversity tools, individuals at all organizational levels increase their ability to work together productively and provide outstanding customer service in a diverse, globalized workplace and marketplace.

Effective training is a vital tool in an overall strategic diversity initiative - it is not a stand-alone solution.

International Training and Development, LLC also provides a full range of services to assist leaders in their diversity-related strategic planning and day-to-day implementation. Services include:

• Training
• Consulting
• Research / Writing
• Measurement
• Assessment
• Coaching

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Reviews of @International Training and Development courses

  • Sunny-Zhang
    Sunny-Zhang June 07, 2012

    Very useful course with smart design

    This course teaches me how to speak up when stereotype words and behavior hurt. At first I was disappointed by the long pre-test, but then the course content really impressed me. It presents the stereotype scenario in a very creative way. I learned a lot form this simple but smart designed course.

  • Steve Yacovelli, Ed.D.
    Steve Yacovelli, Ed.D. April 18, 2012

    Disagreeing with "clueless"

    Actually I have to disagree with you. As one of the developers (who is gay and has many transgender friends and colleagues) the focus on this module is actually on LGBT as a broad approach to the topic. We realize that the module does not go far enough in-depth to meet the needs of today's business organizations' understanding of "gender identity" and so we're actually in the midst of developing a specific module on this topic. Thank you for your comment ... this module is a sample of a series we have/are creating on various dimensions of diversity (age and generations, race and ethnicity, gender, etc) and posting just this one module on here (albeit our of context from its "siblings") was a way for us to test OpenSesame out. More information can be found at Thanks!

  • chris miller
    chris miller October 18, 2011


    this course is clueless about the 't' (transgender). being transgender is NOT about sexual orientation. it is about gender identity and expression. transgender people are heterosexual, lesbian, gay and bisexual. clearly this course was designed by someone who has limited knowledge and contact with transgender men and women and their community.

  • OpenSesame Says
    OpenSesame Says August 16, 2011

    Great for any community

    This online compliance course aims to inform about the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender community through a series of interesting animations and lectures. By explaining objectively and with good humor, this elearning course makes the sometimes difficult to comprehend talk around LGBT extremely understandable.