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Syntrio, Inc. has been a force in the online learning industry since its inception in the late 1990s. While many e-learning companies spawned to satisfy the emerging market through various business models, from the start, Syntrio's objective was to provide clients with a cost-effective, turn-key online learning solution comprised of our own proprietary courseware and hosted learning management systems. This provided the flexibility needed to respond to the market with innovative and timely solutions.

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  • Pete Wendland
    Pete Wendland June 11, 2015

    Course Review

    Course did great job of presenting info with clear narration and text to follow along with. Narrator seemed to drag on at some points, but besides that it was a good course to take.

  • Pete Wendland
    Pete Wendland June 11, 2015

    Course Review

    Clear narration, exercises throughout, and text to follow along with. One flaw is that the narrator seemed to drag on at times while the user wasn't interacting at all and just kind of listening.

  • Pete Wendland
    Pete Wendland June 10, 2015

    Course Review

    Course provided clear narration and was easy to follow along with. Quizzes/Exercises throughout helped retain information. One thing that I didn't like was at times the narration seemed to drag on with little to no user interaction. However, besides this, it was an excellent course to take.

  • Universal Forest Products
    Universal Forest Products August 28, 2014

    Interpersonal Communication

    The course was well designed to engage listeners and help differentiate instruction. The given scenarios were realistic and helpful to provide potential situations that may arise. Overall, the interpersonal communications course was beneficial in helping others learn how to effectively communicate.

  • KBA North America
    KBA North America August 12, 2014

    More for Managers

    I would say that this course is more geared towards educating managers than general employees. It had many situational questions, which I thought was good practice in applying the information they taught.

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