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About The Digital Learning Partnership - TDLP

Our company, TDLP is in the business of improving commercial awareness and enabling better business decisions. We are helping our customers to raise the financial awareness and the business literacy of their managers through the implementation of our online training courses.

We have quietly been working with global organisations across all industry sectors for the last 15 years.

No matter what organisation or industry, we hear the same concerns:

Managers do not understand fundamental financial terminology and concepts;
Managers cannot read and interpret financial statements to make effective decisions;
Managers cannot gauge the impact of decisions on financial performance;
Managers do not understand the basis for evaluating investment decisions;
Managers cannot communicate effectively with financial colleagues and specialists;
Managers cannot use a range of financial tools when making decisions.

Our library of Finance for Managers eLearning courses and our managed learning services have enabled us to successfully and cost effectively address these issues for our clients.

We believe that elearning should be interactive, engaging, challenging and enjoyable. We believe our courses tick all of these boxes and hope that you agree.

Happy Studying!

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