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About The 6Ds Company

Fort Hill Company focuses on the process of turning learning into results, rather than training “events.” We are the leading provider of learning transfer support technology and the only firm wholly dedicated to maximizing the outcomes of all types of training and development.

Fort Hill was established in 1999 as the result of Cal Wick’s work with a leading chemical company. He was asked to follow-up with leaders after an award-winning development program. What he found was that only 1 in 6 had actually put the program into practice.

That observation led to the development of Friday5s® (now called ResultsEngine®), the first-ever web-based learning transfer system designed specifically to enhance transfer by engaging participants and their managers post-program.

The system included five bi-weekly updates using:

•a reminder system
•a place to reflect, record progress, and plan next steps
•content specific to the program and the participant’s objective
•coaching from peers and most importantly the line manager

Companies very quickly saw an increase in learning transfer rates. Even so, we noticed that some companies achieved greater returns on their training and development than others. We analyzed the best practices at companies like Hewlett-Packard, Pfizer, Home Depot, Sony, and Humana and distilled the best practices into our highly-acclaimed book, The 6Ds of Breakthrough Learning, which defined the six critical practices of high-impact learning.

The 6Ds™ approach is being increasingly adopted enterprise-wide at top companies such as Kaiser Permanente. Recognizing that many companies still struggled to get the level of manager involvement vital for top performance, we wrote, Getting Your Money’s Worth from Training and Development, a two-sided guide to support both the manager and participant. In partnership with the award winning e-learning developer, Option Six, we developed an online version called How to Get Your Money’s Worth from Training and Development.

Navigated by an experienced leadership team, Fort Hill continues to improve and expand our approach. In 2010 Fort Hill Company released an improved version of ResultsEngine® and the second edition of The 6Ds of Breakthrough Learning.

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  • OpenSesame Says
    OpenSesame Says September 30, 2011

    Advice for managers on getting the most out of training

    The key to getting the most out of training for both managers and team members is agreeing on the key goals and how they will be achieved before the training begins. This course provides a framework for productive discussion between team members and managers and a WIIFM document to guide goal-setting.

  • OpenSesame Says
    OpenSesame Says September 30, 2011

    How to use training well

    This course helps you create a learning and development strategy for your organization that uses your budget effectively and builds capable, confident team members. With video examples and practical advice, this course means you're starting with strategies that work.