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Toolwire is a trusted digital courseware provider with over 15 years of experience serving many of the world’s largest corporate training and post-secondary institutions. Over this time, Toolwire has developed an outstanding reputation for its high quality digital learning content.

Having delivered over 1 billion minutes of digital learning over the last five years, Toolwire is among the leading providers of game-based simulations in the United States. To meet the needs of our customers, Toolwire has invested heavily in delivering learning modules that excel in the areas of Instructional Design, Production Value / Digital Media Quality, Mobility, Accessibility, Reporting, and Support.

Toolwire simulation games are differentiated in the marketplace both in their approach, which combines gaming mechanics with digital simulation learning recreating real life scenarios, and by the depth of their content targeting the soft (“professional”) skills required for success across a broad continuum of life experiences. In order to make learning relevant and engaging, Toolwire simulation games immerse learners in a range of workplace roles and authentic real world situations.

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