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Business cultures around the world are in a coma. Recent studies show that 70% of employees are disengaged at work due to ineffective managers. Over 90% of employees experience workplace incivility (50% of them on a weekly basis). And some industries with customer facing employees experience over 53% annual turnover. There's a "skills gap" in America that the majority of business leaders surveyed (44%) believe is in soft skills. These people-generated challenges cost businesses in excess of $550B annually! We want to help.

Trainevision® is a mission-driven learning company dedicated to making the business world a better place; one culture at a time. We create engaging video-based and gamified "soft skills only" ILT and eLearning products and learning program services; all with a compassionate core and a primetime difference. We're the creators of Learning TV™ and Augmented Learning as a Service™ (ALaaS); a new product/service tech mashup. Everything we create is driven by meaningful proprietary content designed to help people become more self-aware, emotionally intelligent and productive citizens at work and in life. How?

We transform “must train” soft skills topics into television-style drama, sitcom, reality show, or talk show “series.” With our mixture of performance improvement processes, futuristic instructional design, gamification and incentive based learning techniques, we're like an ecommerce television network and gaming company for corporate learning!

Our world is moving fast toward an "internet of things;" a sharing economy of hi-tech connectivity. A-list tech companies and think tanks are designing and implementing the infrastructure of this vision as you read. But someone has to hack the code for the hi-touch connectivity of the hearts, minds, and souls of the people in this future. We hope to be there, doing just that.

For more information, visit us at www.trainevision.com and www.customerserviceintel.com.

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