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TypingMaster (TypingMaster Finland, Inc.) has developed software for typing training and testing both for organizational customers as well as home users since 1992. TypingMaster is a steadily growing incorporated company located in Helsinki, Finland.

Our flagship product is an award-winning TypingMaster Pro typing trainer available in nine languages. Thanks to a combination of unique training features and user-friendly design, TypingMaster Pro is today a leading product in its category.

Thanks to our expanding partner network we have an established position already in North America, Europe and Australia, where TypingMaster products are sold in nine different languages. In addition, a great number of customers throughout all continents have purchased products from our international web store.

Today hundreds of schools and companies worldwide are using more than 100,000 copies of our products designed to fulfill their special needs. Full network support, economical licensing and the new intra/internet based solutions among other things have made TypingMaster a premium choice for organizational customers.

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