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About Vado

Vado is an off-the-shelf e-learning courseware provider specializing in management/leadership development, employee business skills and HR compliance courseware.

Vado’s courses are designed utilizing three design principles:

1. 70:20:10: Vado is the only off the shelf e-learning courseware provider that helps the learner apply the course on the job.

You are probably familiar with the research that shows:
 70% of development happens on the job by doing and practicing
 20% of development happens through mentoring and coaching
 10% through formal training which includes instructor led workshops and e-learning courses

This research is intuitive as we all grew up with teachers, parents and coaches telling us to practice our spelling words, practice taking the shot, or practice our piano. They did this because they know that people only become great soccer players or great piano players by practicing and practicing.

The same is true for professional skills and competencies. No one is great at giving constructive feedback or negotiating or any other skill or competency by going through an e-learning course. The person needs to practice and practice to get good and become great!

That is why all Vado courses are designed to help the learner apply the course on the job. Every Vado course starts with a short instructional video that introduces the topic of the course and talks about the benefits of developing the specific skill or competency. Then we get the learner to apply the course on the job by asking the learner to complete an exercise. The exercises are very detailed with step-by-step instructions (in other words, a process to follow while implementing the course on the job). In addition, each course contains a Job Aid that the learner can use while completing the exercise.

The value of Vado’s courses is the development exercise; this is where the learner spends the majority of his/her time to complete a course. Vado’s courses take approximately 30 minutes to complete and these 30 minutes are divided as such:
• Traditional seat time: 5 minutes
• On the job exercise: 25 minutes

Vado’s unique design makes Vado’s courses more efficient, effective and powerful than traditional eLearning solutions.

2. Micro-learning: Breaking down information in short, bite sized modules makes it easier for the learner to retain the information. If a learner tries to take in information in long learning modules, the learner can run into information overload. Once at information overload, no more information can be absorbed. The answer is short bite sized learning otherwise known as micro-learning. All of Vado’s courses are short, bite sized courses covering one distinct learning objective at a time. The average seat time of a Vado course is about 5 minutes.

3. Videos: People in their personal life watch videos to learn new things and they come to work expecting to watch videos to learn new things. So, all of Vado’s courses start with a short instructional video. And because our courses are micro-learning, videos average about 2 minutes.

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Reviews of @Vado courses

  • Sergio Guerrero
    Sergio Guerrero May 04, 2017

    So short

    I think, this course is too short

  • Daniel Neri
    Daniel Neri October 15, 2016

    3 minute course without much content.

    3 minute course without much content.

  • Spencer Thornton
    Spencer Thornton March 26, 2016

    Great course

    Lots of good information and I really liked that I could download the resources and apply the training on the job.

  • Max Dubowy
    Max Dubowy June 18, 2015

    A solid introduction, but lacks depth

    This course is more of a primer than a detailed learning resource for project managers. I learned the importance of creating a strong foundation for new projects, but I wish there was a step by step guide for writing the outline of my project plan. I would recommend this course for anyone who may be interested in project management and wants to have a brief introduction to the field.

  • Laura Suzuki
    Laura Suzuki June 17, 2015

    The video and course is

    The video and course is extremely beneficial, as it goes through the three steps of managing conflict very thoroughly. However, the pass/fail assessment seemed a bit strange, as the answers to the questions were all opinion-based.

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