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Research shows that 70% of development happens on the job, 20% through coaching and mentoring and the last 10% through formal learning which includes e-learning and instructor led workshops. Vado’s courses are the only off the shelf courseware that helps the learner make the transition from the formal learning environment to application on the job.

Vado offers over 300 employee and management development/soft skill courses. Each course contains:
1. Short instructional video: all videos are 1 – 2 minutes long which maximizes learner retention and is perfect for the mobile learner

2. Implementation Guide: all courses come with a step by step Implementation Guide which helps the learner practice the learning and develop on the job

3. Job Aid: downloadable template, checklist, or any other tool to help the learner implement the learning

452 Courses Offered

Reviews of @Vado courses

  • OpenSesame
    OpenSesame January 26, 2015

    Great for new employees or as a refresher

    If you are new at a company or have not checked out your competitors recently, then this course is worth your time! The interactive worksheet really helps focus your learning and allows you to take away information that can be used on the job immediately.

  • andrew.tran
    andrew.tran June 20, 2012

    Wonderful material

    The course is provided in a very succinct manner while maintaining a high level of quality. Information is provided with a clear purpose. The accompanying text provided in the reference material is also very helpful in not only complementing the video but providing additional, detailed ideas to nurture customer relations.

  • dona.hertel
    dona.hertel June 18, 2012

    Nice professionally done

    Nice professionally done video but leaves some key information out. Maybe needs to show in the video what actions need to be taken rather than leaving it to the trainee to download a pdf/docx to find out.

  • dona.hertel
    dona.hertel June 18, 2012

    Professionally done video but

    Professionally done video but is short on details. It might be useful to put some more of the keypoints preseented in the pdf file into the video. Also, nice of you to provide the pdf file since not everyone can open .docx.

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