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About Video Arts

“People learn nothing when they're asleep and very little when they're bored." John Cleese, Video Arts founder

Engaging e-learning

Video Arts library of self-study e-learning courses cover key interpersonal and behavioral skills and uses entertaining video clips to help learners remember and apply what they’ve learnt. Our courses are eX API & SCORM 1.2-compliant, and use MP4 video and HTML5 design, so that they work on any device.

E-learning featuring award-winning video

Our soft-skills courses are memorable because they feature engaging interactions and entertaining video clips with famous faces. So the learning lasts longer and you get a better return on your investment. We have courses for all levels of employees – from the front-line to C level.
As well as being entertaining, all our courses are designed by subject matter experts, and the quality of our content has been recognised by the Institute of Leadership Management who accredited 20 of our courses and by both Gold & Silver Awards at the International E-Learning Awards.

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Reviews of @Video Arts courses

  • Elisabeth Kortland
    Elisabeth Kortland November 18, 2015

    Looks cool!

    Looks cool!

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson June 24, 2015

    Great production value and

    Great production value and very informative.

  • Lara Wurster
    Lara Wurster June 12, 2015

    I like that this course is

    I like that this course is broken up into videos, readings, and activities. It also sums up each topic really well.

  • Lara Wurster
    Lara Wurster June 12, 2015

    This course has readings,

    This course has readings, videos, quizzes. It does a nice job of summarizing the key points for each topic.

  • Lara Wurster
    Lara Wurster June 12, 2015

    I like that the course is

    I like that the course is broken up into the sections of Look, Think, Practice, and Remember. It provides nice variation. This course is very good.

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