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Vivid is an online safety training company. Making life easier for safety professionals is what we do. With on demand courses that deliver an effective, memorable training experience, safety training systems designed for smart simplicity, and custom training, we help clients protect the workforce and go beyond regulatory requirements. Building tools for total safety program accountability is our strategy, with an emphasis on reducing risk, keeping workers in production, and supporting training efficiency. Our workforce comes together with a mission to help save lives in high-risk work environments. We get it.

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Reviews of @Vivid Learning Systems courses

  • Jillian Briglia
    Jillian Briglia July 03, 2015

    Would recommend

    You don't typically think of a sexual harassment course being an enjoyable experience, but all the different formats used in this course were refreshing, and it is priced extremely reasonably. Overall, super straightforward and easy to understand.

  • Will Rosenfeld
    Will Rosenfeld June 25, 2015

    Course Review

    Vivid narration and visual combination. Complimented well by quizzes.

  • Will Rosenfeld
    Will Rosenfeld June 25, 2015

    Course Review

    Nice closed captioning and narration, as well as quizzes to test viewers knowledge

  • Will Rosenfeld
    Will Rosenfeld June 24, 2015

    Course Review

    Solid visuals and quizzes to test knowledge

  • Dana Rosen
    Dana Rosen June 22, 2015


    This Vivid Learning Systems course is highly entertaining and interactive with inline quizzes, video, and simulations. Though this segment is short, it includes essential information for HACCP Operating.

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