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About WILL Interactive

WILL Interactive is the most successful, experienced and highly awarded serious games and computer-based simulation developer in the United States. WILL is the inventor and sole producer of Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulations (VEILS®) and the patented Interactive Behavior Modification System upon which all VEILS® are built. VEILS® are the only computer-based simulations that independent studies have shown to improve individual’s attitudes and behaviors.

WILL has created over 80 high-end training simulations in the past 18 years for some of the most influential and respected organizations in the country. WILL has a wealth of experience effectively producing interactive video-based simulations for a variety of markets, including healthcare, military, K-12 and higher education, professional athletics, law enforcement, corporate, and government. We understand the science of learning and have created more computer-based simulations than any other company. Our extensive work in the areas of human decision-making and knowledge of experiential learning are unparalleled.

VEILS® solutions are created in-house by one of the strongest software development and production teams in the training sector. The interactive live-action video-based architecture of VEILS® is far more engaging and much more effective than traditional instruction and other computer-based Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI). Multiple independent studies have been completed on the effectiveness of VEILS®. No other company in the technological education/training space has the depth of independent research completed on the efficacy of their solution – all of which indicate success in positively influencing attitudes and behaviors. This is the ultimate goal of education and one that is rarely achieved. WILL is not just increasing cognitive knowledge and awareness (like most studies and e-learning companies quote), we are helping change real-life attitudes and behaviors.

VEILS® methodology combines a powerful blend of creative engagement and adult learning theory. WILL Interactive’s proprietary VEILS® development process weaves a tapestry of leading-edge instructional design, behavioral science, gaming theory, filmmaking and screenwriting, psychology, and software-development skills to create immersive simulations that cut training time while improving individual decision-making and performance.

The key objective in the production of every VEILS® is to achieve human performance improvement through measurable positive behavior modification of the target audience.

WILL VEILS® have won over 40 awards in the past five years, including most of the top awards and honors given for technological solutions and effectiveness in the fields of training and education. WILL has won 5 Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA)’s prestigious CODiE Awards, including several for “Best Workforce Training Solution of the Year,” as well a Davey Award for “Best Healthcare Training Program of the Year”, and several Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards for “Best Use of Games in Training.” As a company, WILL was recognized in Infiniti’s Stevie Awards for “Most Innovative Company of the Year” and “Technology Innovator of the Year.”

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Reviews of @WILL Interactive courses

  • Jillian Briglia
    Jillian Briglia June 10, 2015

    Surprisingly fresh and informative

    This course was sharp and original, and like other users have commented, the "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" format made the course active instead of completely passive. The situational quiz questions were also challenging instead of completely straightforward like some other quizzes are., and truly helped me learn the material efficiently!

  • Bluebeam
    Bluebeam February 18, 2015

    Not run-of-the-mill!

    I found this course to be a surprisingly refreshing approach to the topic. It made me laugh, kept me engaged, and had the ability to make me stay in it longer than required just to explore the other options of its choose-your-own-adventure approach. The beginning is a little slow (several dry, narrated slides), but get through that and you'll be glad you did. Employees I've had go through this course also report in that they were surprised at how much it was *not* what they had expected.

  • Kate Cornelius
    Kate Cornelius January 23, 2015

    Entertaining and Informative!

    You don't usually expect a course based on sexual harassment legislation to be fun and engaging, but WILL Interactive has succeeding in creating one. This course is actually fun to take! It's a choose-your-own-adventure style story...very cool to be able to make decisions and get feedback on the consequences.