10 Compliance Courses for Under $10

Ensuring your office is compliant with current federal laws and regulations means not only a happier, more productive workplace, but can save you from costly violation fines.  OpenSesame makes it easy and afforable to meet your compliance obligations, such as these ten compliance courses for under $10.00.

1.  Office Safety — $6.00
Be proactive in addressing safety issues in the workplace with the help of this course which covers practices to prevent tripping and falling, identifying fire hazards, and understanding indoor air pollution. All situations discussed are typical safety hazards that may be encountered while working in an office environment.

2.  Diversity — $4.99 
This course teaches why diversity is important and how a diverse workplace can benefit businesses and their employees. After completing the courses, learners will be able to describe the various elements of diversity, define discrimation, as well as define steps to foster a more accepting environment in the workplace.

3.  Working Well with Everyone: The Mistake of Stereotyping — $4.99
Stereotyping and and racial profiling are serious issues. The power of inclusion, engagement, and discussions around the new melting pot are all key topics included in the course. 

4.  Avoiding Sexual Harassment Bundle — $9.99
This course bundle teaches the importance of sexual harassment prevention in the workplace. The bundle contains five different courses for learning: Avoiding Sexual Harassment for Everyone, Avoiding Sexual Harassment for Managers, Avoiding Sexual Harassment: Investigating Complaints, Avoiding Sexual Harassment: Supervisor Responsibility, Avoiding Sexual Harassment: Writing and Communicating and Effective Policy.

5.  Consumer Privacy Act — $4.99
With many high-profile companies falling victim to hacks that release sensitive consumer information, businesses can’t never too much to protect themselves and their customers. This course informs leaners about how to protect personal information during everyday transactions.

6.  Legally Hiring — $4.99
The course teaches the importance of employment legality when interviewing and hiring candidates. At the completion of the course, learners will be able to distinguish between appropriate and illegal recruitment practices, as well as how to write better job descriptions. It also teaches the rights and responsibilities of employees and contractors.

7.  The HIPAA Bundle — $9.99
This bundle reviews the importance of HIPAA and includes several courses that outline rules and regulations. Courses within the bundle include: HIPAA Background, HIPAA PHI, Disclosing PHI, HHS Requirements, Patient Rights Notification, Penalties, Protecting PHI, Risk Analysis and Administrative Safeguards, and more.

8.  Accident Prevention — $4.99
Teach your employees to be more accident aware in the workplace. Learn how to conduct a ‘Job Safety Analysis’, as well as how to conduct ‘Planned Job Observations’. Other important topics within the course include the definition of unsafe acts in the workplace.

9.  Drug-Free Workplace — $4.99
This course helps companies and employees understand what policies and actions are needed to achieve a drug-free workplace. The course pinpoints some key issues including how to identify depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens, as well as making drug assistance programs available to employees.

10.  Drug and Alcohol Testing — $8.00
Thinking about instituting a drug testing policy? The course which goes into detail about how drug testing is performed, including process and protections. Use this course to define expectations for current employees, as well as identify procedures to future hires.

Image Credit: Fernando de Sousa via Flickr