2015 Learning Resolutions Wrap-Up and Compilation eBook

And just like that we’re at the end of January! December and New Year’s seemed to fly by. The end of the month also means we’ve reached the end of our Learning Resolutions series for 2015. We heard some great responses from learning pros across the industry!

Check out all of this year’s amazing posts—we’ve also organized them into a free ebook compilation that you can download. Just click the button at the bottom of the post!

  1. Learning Resolutions: Setting a Goal-Based Budget by Jeff Havens
  2. Learning Resolutions: Design and Delivery Rule by Holly MacDonald
  3. Learning Resolutions: New Tech is Worth Learning by Meris Stansbury
  4. Learning Resolutions: A Gen X-er’s Guide to Workplace Learning in 2015 by Jessica Miller-Merrell
  5. Learning Resolutions: Three Ways to Make Better Leaders in 2015 by Kellye Whitney
  6. Learning Resolutions: Something Bold, Someone New, Something Borrowed, Someone True by Lorri Freifeld
  7. Learning Resolutions: Sticking with the Classics—Diet and Exercise by David Glow
  8. Learning Resolutions: Help Companies Deliver Their 70:20:10 Strategy by Cindy Pascale
  9. Learning Resolutions: Turn Your Failures into Success by Bruce Graham
  10. Learning Resolutions: Streamline and Work Smarter by Connie Malamed
  11. Learning Resolutions: Read, Write, Draw by Kevin Thorn
  12. Learning Resolutions: Make More Stuff by Julie Dirksen
  13. Learning Resolutions: Promises Can’t Take a Punch by Mark Britz

That’s all for 2015! Check back in December for our next round of Learning Resolutions, and don’t forget to keep up with our blog throughout the rest of the year.