2020 Learning technologies: what’s hot and what’s not

In a recent OpenSesame webinar Donald H Taylor, Chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute, shared the results of the 2020 Global Sentiment Survey (GSS). This survey asked over 2,000 respondents from 86 countries the question, “What do you think will be hot in workplace learning and development in 2020?” in order to identify upcoming trends in the industry. 

Respondents choose up to three answers from a list of 16 options, they are not given the definition of any of the options, or a definition on ‘what being hot means’ in order to more accurately gage sentiment.  Respondents generally finish the survey in under 60 seconds.

This year the options to choose from were: 

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Coaching/mentoring*
  • Collaborative/social learning
  • Consulting more deeply within the business
  • Curation
  • Learning analytics 
  • Learning experience platforms
  • Microlearning
  • Performance support
  • Personalization / adaptive delivery
  • Mobile Delivery
  • Neuroscience/ Cognitive science
  • Showing value
  • Video
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Other
One key takeaway, it’s all about the data

The top five most popular options from the survey were learning analytics, personal/adaptive delivery, collaborative/social learning, learning experience platforms, and artificial intelligence. All of these categories either gather data or require lots of learner data in order to function effectively. These trending topics indicate that learning and development is shifting from what people are learning to how

Staying current on the latest trends can help you deliver the best possible experience to your learners and your organization.  Learn more and watch the full webinar “2020 learning technologies: what’s hot and what’s not?” here. 

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