3 eLearning Mistakes You Should Never Make

As an employer, you want the most efficient, engaged, and happy employees in your workplace. When it comes to using new technology like eLearning courses, it is easy to make beginner’s mistakes that frustrate your employees and detriment the entire company.

The knowledge of these 3 mistakes can keep that from happening:

1. Don’t use boring material : Pick engaging courses/classes

We all remember being bored in that one class in school, with the uninspiring teacher, mundane assignments, and lack of engaging material. Although this is much less likely to happen with eLearning, it is a necessity to screen the class beforehand. Like anything, eLearning classes have a range in quality: from funny to serious, from informative to empty, and from engaging to boring. Check to make sure the class is interesting, entertaining, and informative yourself before disseminating it to your employees.

2. Don’t make it an assignment:

Show your employees how this course isn’t ‘work’, but that it is what it is: a class designed to impart specific knowledge. Be engaged with your employees, and even take the course along with them. Doing this will boost their morale while showing that you support them. Make sure not to overwork employees with other responsibilities during this time. Focus on creating an environment that is new, exciting, challenging, and engaging for the best results.

3. Don’t be rigid

In order for eLearning to work to the best of its capabilities, you have to facilitate a safe yet challenging working environment. Listen to your employees and be flexible with them in regards to the training, but challenge them for the sake of furthering their eLearning experience and helping them. There is nothing worse in the workplace than a tyrannical dictator forcing you to try something new and execute it perfectly.

The age old saying, “With great power come great responsibility”, applies to eLearning as well. Online courses have extreme potential for success, but come with potential for failure as well. However, by using these 3 guidelines, you will be able to take your eLearning experience, your employees, and your whole company to the next level, and achieve the maximum level of success possible.