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3 Essential Tips to Promote Your Next eLearning Course

You had a great idea. You worked tirelessly to choose an eLearning course that would help your team grow. You made sure to provide enough materials, test their skills, and create a feedback system that works. Now what? Your course is ready to face the competition. It won’t be easy. There are dozens of courses to choose from, regardless of the topic the learner has in mind. Why should your employees be interested in this particular course?

Even if these are your employees and you can easily make the course mandatory, you don’t want to do that. You want them to make a conscious decision and take this chance for professional growth. For that purpose, you’ll need to promote the course.

We’ll give you 3 tips that work.

1. Target Your Audience on Social Media

First, you’ll need to identify who your target learner is. You already know the answer to that, but what are they interested in? What pages do they follow on social media? This process involves some surveying, too. The results will help you understand the people you’re crafting the course for.

An active Facebook page for the specific course will be very helpful. Obviously, the learners will be interested to know more about this opportunity. Here, they will find all the information they need, as well as a call to action for enrolling in the course. Use the page to share information about the launch date, schedule, and assignments. Encourage the participants to ask questions and enter discussions on the page.

2. Use a Corporate Messaging Platform

Facebook is nice, but it’s not the most professional communication tool you can count on. If you realize that not all course participants have a profile, you’ll have to think of another platform that connects you all. You can count on Slack; a messaging tool that easily brings all people you need together. You can make a specific channel for the course. Everyone will have access to the discussion and they will see how the rest of the learners are doing.

Mary Gilbert, a marketing expert from BestEssays, explains that peer-to-peer communication is crucial for the success of an online course: “When the learners start discussing the lectures and assignments with each other, you’ll know your course is successful. Trigger discussions, so you’ll get them interested. Ask them to share what they learned and consider their feedback. You need active participation. Otherwise, they will just be bored.”

3. Show Proof of Achieved Results

The promotional process doesn’t end when the first wave of learners get their certificate. You can use the results to continue promoting the course, so the employees who didn’t participate will be encouraged to accept the challenge. The ones who successfully go through your course are the best proof that you’re providing quality and tangible results. Ask them to share feedback and feature it on the social media page. Emphasize the positive experience and invite others to join the fun!

You may develop the best eLearning course on a given topic, but it will still fail to attract the right audience if you don’t promote it. The promotion is the easy part. With a planned approach, you’ll quickly see results.

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