3 Great Tips to Stay Organized

We live in a world full of never-ending distraction. Our phones and tablets are constantly lighting up with information, and our various social media accounts do not cease to notify us throughout the day. These frequent instances of distraction often sidetrack us from the important tasks we must tackle, often leaving us unorganized.

Organization is key to a successful work environment, and without it your productivity could go down the drain. Like shown in an OpenSesame time management course, there are many ways to combat a lack of organization due to distraction, but here are a few to help:

Admit to Your Lack of Organization

It may sound cliche, but admitting is the first step! If you never bring yourself to understand your poor organization skills, you will never be able to improve. Once you properly identify your organizational issues, try writing them down. This will give you concrete evidence of bad habits that need fixing.

Jot Things Down

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a disciplined organizational routine is the concept of writing things down. Many underestimate the power of simply taking notes. Write down important things people say, meetings and appointments you have to attend, and much more.

Don’t Clutter

Everything on your desk needs to have a home. The worst habit to get into when trying to stay organized is one that involves clutter. It’s quite simple actually: the more clutter you create, the harder it is to clean up, and thus keep a sense of organization. Assign all items, tools, and objects in your possession to a home, and make sure to put them there when you no longer need them.

Organization can be your best friend, or your worst nightmare. It’s integral to stay organized in order to keep up your work-day productivity at a high level. Without it, you may find yourself stressed and scattered.