3 Ways to Leverage Off-the-shelf Content in Your LMS Sale

We are in the midst of a digital transformation. We’ve been here for a while, but as organizations continue to roll out various flavors of hybrid and remote work, the transformation is becoming more of a whirlwind. Some days it feels like it’s taking us by storm. And that means your platforms and tools are becoming more and more important by the day. Off-the-shelf content has the power, not only to boost your sale but also to give your customers the content they need to move effortlessly through this transformation. 

#1: Address retention head-on.

As I shared last month, retention is the name of the game for everyone. I can bet it’s as important to you as it is to me. Partnering with OpenSesame helps you strengthen your retention play, particularly with your existing customers. Content gives you a reason to go in with a new offering. You can bring it up on a monthly call or in a QBR. One of the easiest ways to retain customers in your learning platform is to give them a reason to keep coming back. Off-the-shelf content is the gift that keeps on giving. 

#2: Solve an important challenge for your customers.

Every organization has some employee challenge they are itching to solve. No one is exempt from this. Some organizations want to improve their wellness initiatives to better support their team members. Others might be leaning into DEI. And still, others might be trying to find ways to build a pipeline of future leaders. No matter the challenge, more often than not, off-the-shelf content can play an integral role in addressing the challenge head-on. When you leverage content in your sale, you can easily become a more consultative, trusted advisor to your clients. 

#3: Sell the fridge, fully stocked.

If you’ve ever been in a conversation with me or anyone from my team, you’ve likely heard the fridge analogy. If you haven’t heard it yet, humor me for a bit. Imagine strolling through your local hardware in search

 of a fridge. You get to pick the fridge you want. Maybe you’re going for something simple and you go for something plain and white. It gets the job done. Or maybe you want to get a little fancy and you get the fridge with every bell and whistle imaginable. It even sends a text to your phone to tell you you’re low on milk. Whichever fridge you choose to purchase, it’s still showing up to your house empty. And an empty fridge does you no good. 

When you bring an OpenSesame content specialist alongside you, you’re going to market with a fully stocked fridge. Off-the-shelf content is a powerful tool for you and your customers, and our team would love to come alongside you as a key piece of your go-to-market strategy. We are better together, and we can’t wait to share in some wins!

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About the Author

Rasheité Calhoun is the Manager of Strategic Partnerships with OpenSesame. She prides herself on bringing a fresh approach to client solutions, convinced that we are always on the cusp of something new and great. With over a decade of experience in higher ed publishing, Rasheité brings a distinct niche of problem-solving and a proven track record of driving results to the eLearning world. Rasheité holds both a bachelor’s degree in technical writing as well as a Master of Arts in English, which both contribute to her creative approach to strategy and solutions. Above all, Rasheité believes that we are living through a massive disruption that will transform learning into something we have all yet to see or experience. She is excited to play a role in such pivotal moments where digital, learning, and imagination collide.