5 Reasons to Get Started with Office 365

So you’re planning a vacation, but a pressing project comes up with a deadline the week after. You’re up to your ears in work and don’t know when you’ll find the time to care of everything on your to-do list. Don’t panic—Office 365 is here to help!

Just a few decades ago, you probably would have been glued to your office desk no matter what. Now, modern technology including mobile devices and tablets offer a “virtual” office space where you can work from just about anywhere. Microsoft Office jumped right on the bandwagon and created Office 365, which includes a top-of-the-line set of productivity tools that help you create, edit, and share from your PC/Mac, iPad, tablet, or phone in real-time. Here are five reasons why Office 365 can help your productivity and mobility:

  1. Work with team members in real-time: No matter where you are in the world, Microsoft 365 allows you to create, edit, and share documents with team members using Office Web Apps and Microsoft SharePoint. These tools include one Terabyte of storage per user, so you have plenty of space for all of your files. Furthermore, since files are stored online, you share them with people outside of your company whenever necessary and from wherever you are working. Features such as multiparty HD video, content sharing, and shared calendars also help keep you in sync with your team.
  2. Make video or audio calls with Lync: Lync messaging connects people everywhere and is now part of Microsoft Office. Similar to Skype, Lync’s features include video messaging, IMing, and audio calling. This program also makes meetings easy with multi-person calling where you can view up to five members simultaneously and allows you to connect from any device. Lync also automatically adapts to network conditions and allows users to communicate securely anywhere they have connectivity.
  3. Use Onedrive for cloud storage: Onedrive allows you to access all your files from anywhere. As a feature of Microsoft Office 365, you can access important documents from any device, wherever you have network connectivity. By downloading Onedrive onto all of your devices, you can access all your photos and files from almost anywhere, store them, and share them. No matter if you’re at home or on a cruise across the Mediterranean, you can access your files and get your work done.
  4. Use email and manage contacts efficiently with Outlook Web App: With this software, you can brand your email address with your company name to build name recognition and market your business with customized materials that are easy to create. This tool will help you connect with colleagues and customers with a range of communication tools from video conferencing to email and IM to social networking. The Outlook Web App makes storing contacts efficient so you can communicate quickly and effectively.
  5. Interact with mobile devices: Luckily Microsoft Office 365 is not just for desktop computers and laptops. You can access the helpful features from tablets and other mobile devices as well. By mastering Office 365, you’ll learn how to get your work done from anywhere. So what if you’re taking a vacation in Tahiti? Your colleagues may still be fooled that you’re plugging away at your desk!

Microsoft Office 365 is sounding pretty nice, isn’t it? However, mastering a new software platform can take some time and some work. Luckily, Microsoft Office 365 from Sonic Performance Support will help you master this helpful tool in just a few hours of training. This course includes helpful simulations and tutorials as well as in-line quizzes to ensure that you master all the accessibility features of Office 365. This training is also available for your mobile devices so you can begin your training anywhere in the world!