6 Courses To Transform Hobbies Into Marketable Skills

35% of 38,000 employers report having difficulty in filling positions due to lack of talent, according to a 2013 survey by Manpower Group. One in four employers globally report the lack of experience as a major factor in talent shortage in the market.

In this market scenario, it is important to keep your skills updated to be attractive to employers. Sound overwhelming? You may already be acquiring these skills without realizing it. Perhaps you’re a photography buff, enjoy updating your personal website or haggle with vendors at the local farmer’s market. We’ll show you how to hone these everyday activities into marketable skills.

Digital SLR Photography for Dummies

Have a high-quality camera but don’t know how to use it effectively? The Digital SLR Photography for Dummies Course will teach you to take great pictures and increase your basic understanding of photography. Shoot great photos of your friends and family while practicing a necessary skill for a career in journalism, advertising, design or professional photography.

Photoshop Elements 10

The Photoshop Elements 10 course takes you through the basics of using Photoshop Elements: tools, layers, selections and combining photos. With this course you can create digital scrapbooks with animation, music and graphics as mementos. Plus, if you are looking to find work in a marketing, design or public relations firm, learning to use Adobe Photoshop will be an added bonus.

Web Design 

Web designing is very useful if you have your own blog or website. Making your website user friendly, easy to read and pleasant to the eye will help drive traffic but also teach you the basics of user experience design (UX). The HTML and CSS for Beginners course will take you through the basics of web design giving you an understanding of how websites are constructed and a control over your designs.

Successful Negotiations

A successful negotiation requires strategy. Negotiations occur everyday in every workplace, so being a skilled negotiator is a plus one on your resume. The 5 Rules for Successful Negotiation course will help you hone your negotiation skills and give you more confidence in your abilities to carry out a negotiation. In the meantime, hone your negotiation skills at home in conversations with your kids, partner, roommate or when purchasing goods.

Creative Business Writing

Whether you are writing business proposals, copy material, articles for the web or office newsletter, the Creative Business writing course will show you practical examples and guides to write attention grabbing and traffic building content. Start by creating a personal blog to share your opinions and ideas on current events. Not only does this help develop your personal brand, but writing skills are applicable in many professions: journalists, marketers, entrepreneurs, grant writers, etc.

Android App Development for Beginners

In the Android App Development for Beginners tutorial you teach you how to develop an application using the App Inventor Software, without having to learn a programming language. Start simple by building an app to plan your next party or manage your family’s schedule. Learning to build mobile apps is not only a great resume builder, but can help make your own life more efficient. 

Building your professional resume is a lot easier when you’re doing what you love. What other everyday skills do you think qualify as professional development?

Image Credit: epSos.de on Flickr