Accelerating Innovation in eLearning

At OpenSesame, we’ve been working to make enterprise elearning easier.

Since the early days of our company, we’ve sought to overcome the challenges of traditional learning programs while saving companies 40-50% throughout the process. For many training managers, sourcing content from multiple places while getting locked into lengthy contracts was a challenging reality. As budgets become tighter and training managers are expected to do more, we aim to provide a fresh approach to learning because we know that learning doesn’t always happen at a desk. With our mobile-optimized courses, employees can learn at their own pace in the field, overseas, or on the go. Our flexibility also allows companies to have access to a breadth of content without long term commitments and our integration into any learning management system (LMS) creates a seamless experience for both administrators and employees.

We strive to put our learners first, making sure that everything from our easy LMS integration to our unparalleled customer service caters to the needs of today’s modern workforce. We’ve amassed an extensive library of over 20,000 courses consisting of work from the highest-rated authors to ensure that all levels of management benefit from our services. We’re proud to now be the world’s largest source for enterprise elearning courses.

And the adventure continues.

With our recently announced Series B funding from Altos Ventures, we will be able to further extend our best-in-class customer experience and grow our sales and marketing efforts. We’re thrilled to be growing in Portland, a hotbed for startups and innovation and bring to market new, innovative training technologies like Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR). With the additional funding and our learner-first mind set, we’re excited to make elearning even better.

For more information, please view our press release.