Join OpenSesame at ASTD-Cascadia Chapter's Annual Conference!

The information revolution of the past decade has not only transformed our economy, but how we work, communicate and relate to each other. Companies are being forced to evolve quickly to adapt to these changes, shifting business practices to accommodate the increased demand for access to real time information. Unfortunately, rushed implementation or pressure to keep up with technology can leave some learners behind and feeling disenfranchised.

To help businesses meet these new demands, the ASTD-Cascadia chapter has themed this year’s annual conference “Join the Revolution: Change the Face of Learning!” The conference will seek to answer how learning professionals can better meet the needs of our remote workers, as well as how to deliver content and build skills across multiple modalities.

The conference, which attracts more than 300 attendees, will take place on Thursday, October 30 from 8:00am to 7:00pm at the Sheraton Airport Hotel. In addition to keynote presentations, attendees will be able to participate in four conference tracks:

Practitioner Track: Turning Learning Upside Down
These sessions will explore those skills needed for classroom/face-to-face training success. Sample topics could include: Storytelling as a revolutionary act, revolutionize how practitioners create learning, throw out the standards and forge new ones, and the basic concepts of crowdsourcing.

eLearning Track: Designing Beyond Page-Turners
These sessions will explore those skills needed for training success in the world of e-learning, webinars, etc. Sample topics could include: Understand why and how people learn, recognize how people retain knowledge, creating memorable learning, learning by doing, and the fundamentals of failure.

Connection Track: Breaking Down Walls
These sessions will explore those skills needed to lead a training team, department, or organization towards a collaborative culture. Sample topics could include: Developing revolutionary connection, being a provocateur, “Cultivate, Expand, and Explore,” curation, social media, pinboards.

Leadership Track: Inspiring New Paths
These sessions will explore those skills needed to lead a training team, department, or organization towards new destinies. Sample topics could include: Revolutionize how leaders lead, expect solid outcomes, empower people to lead, and inspire people to push the envelope in developing learning solutions.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with fellow learning thought leaders from the region immediately following the conference.

If you are interested in attending, you can register for the conference here.

Image Credit: Tony Fischer via Flickr