Athenasia Consulting Simplifies the Marketing Plan Process

I’m Laurent Timmermans, Founder and Managing Director of Athenasia Consulting Ltd based in Hong Kong. My company’s goal is to help entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.

Writing a Marketing Plan

Although I have a master’s degree in management with a major in marketing, I found it quite difficult to write my first marketing plan. Yes, we had talked about all the components at university, but no one ever explained how to actually write one. Which structure is best to use? How long should it be? How can you keep it simple, but complete enough?

Since then I have written dozens of plans and found a simple way of getting them done. I decided to share my method through “Marketing Plan Made Easy.” This online course is suitable for:

  • Entrepreneurs who have no prior experience with marketing
  • Marketing managers who are looking for a simple structure to create their plan

Course Structure

The course clarifies in a few minutes the concept of marketing and walks you through five steps to create and manage your plan:

  1. The first step looks at the context in which we are developing the plan.
  2. The second step covers a simple analysis.
  3. The third step explains defining a marketing strategy.
  4. The fourth step focuses on pure planning.
  5. The fifth step is about managing the plan.

The course walks you step-by-step in the process in less than an hour with the goal of having a well-structured plan at the end of the course.

The focus of this elearning course is on the plan and the structure itself. It’s not about special techniques or strategies, so do not expect social media or e-marketing training.

An Interesting Delivery

I think few people enjoy learning through lectures and classroom teaching. What I like about elearning is that you can really do something different. I always try to combine learning, coaching, and hands on. Athenasia courses let students work on their project while providing them with a framework, templates, knowledges and guidance.

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